Engineering, design and manufacturing

Made in Italy


To be the leading green manufaturer
of airport equipment by extending innovation worldwide


To promote new standard in the airport industry
for a more sustainable future

Core Values


Aviogei is a family-owned company strongly committed to its client satisfaction and planning its global future development being characterized by a solid independence. A strong base consisting of technologically advanced resources, comprehensive operational processes, a lean organizational and management structure, highly qualified personnel, and global service capabilities. Aviogei started its production in 1969 as a division of OML – Officine Meccaniche Latine, a company leader since 1952 in precision mechanical constructions for civilian and military use. Aviogei became an independent company in 1970. Since that time it has been expanding its business, becoming a leading global player and reference for operators in the aviation industry.

Company Structure

The AVIOGEI Group is built up by highly specialised companies that enable an effective and very customized production, global service offering training as well as long and short term rental of a wide range of ground support equipment.