The self-proplled MAIN DECK CARGO LOADER model 2PU 2000 is an airport equipment designed to load/unload container and pallet to/from all types of current aircraft having the door sill height between 1900 mm and 5550 mm.

The 2PU 2000 by AVIOGEI with a 20 ton low floor can handle all conventional freighters safe and fast. The built-in scissor cylinders of the 2PU 2000 (among few without vertical cylinders to raise / lower the rear platform) and the controlled approach of the front platform to the aicraft sill door, are some of the main equipment characteristics.

Freight handling with high reliability

Main Characteristics


All aircraft having door sill heights between 1900 mm e 5500 mm


Mounted on custom-made self-propelled chassis which incorporates diesel engine,driver’s seat , diesel engine, lifting platforms with rollers, hydrostatic drive system and associated hydraulics.

Total lenght13000 mm
Total width4850 mm
Height3100 mm
Front platform
Useful lenght5300 mm
Useful Width3220 mm
Capacity7500 Kg
Main Platform
Useful Lenght6800 mm
Useful Width3220 mm
Capacity20000 Kg
Driving speed

15 Km/h


Closed Hydrostatic

Braking System

Service: Hydraulic

Parking: Hydro automatic

Electric system

24 VDC, PLC controlled


Lifting cylinders, booster cylinders


Closed circuit hydrostatic


Diesel Engine

Main Options

– Other thermal engine

– Closed driver’s cab

– Closed cabin heating

– Hydr. Sys for cabin translation

– Hydr. Sys for appendances

– Hydr. Sys for blocks

– Winter Kit

– Automatic greasing


Additional Options

Available upon request