The AVIOGEI TVP 7000 E Transporter is an airport equipment designed specifically for the transport and transfer of ULDs between container / pallet dolly and the cargo-loader.

Main Characteristics


Transport and transfer of ULD/Pallet


Mounted on custom-made self-propelled chassis which incorporates electric package, driver’s cab, bed with rollers, hydrostatic drive system and associated hydraulics.

Loading platform
Lenght3260 mm
Width2500 mm
ULD conveyimg speed18 m/min
Capacity7000 Kg
Braking System

Service: Hydraulic

Parking: Mechanical parking brake with hydraulic release acting on the rear wheels.

Electric system
Type24 VDC
BatteryN. 2 – 100 Amp/h
Traction battery80 V – 750 Amp/h
InverterACE5 for traction
InverterACE5 for service
DC converter80V/24V

front tilting cylinders



Main Options

– Fingers on the rear of platform

– Rubber rollers on platform

– Winter kit

– Add. press. gauges on hydr. System


– Lithium Polymer battery

Additional Options

Available upon request